Bolt offers Risk-Free Shopping

We’re confident that you’ll love Bolt at first use – which is why we’re confident in offering a 7 day free trial.

Free Returns & Full Refunds

If you decide to return your Bolt Foldable bike, simply drop it off at Oxley Bizhub, and we will give you a full refund without questions asked within a week!

Test the Foldable Bike, from the comfort of your home

We know how troublesome it is to block out a day to visit a foldable bike showroom, which is why we offer a 7 day free trial.

Why go to the bike, when the bike can come to you?

All returns are donated

You can ride easy knowing that every return is donated to whatever charity is willing to pick up the bikes from our warehouse.


When does the 7 Day Trial begin?

Our 7 Day Trial starts from the moment the bike arrives at your doorstep.

How to refund my foldable bike?

To make a return request, send an email with your order number, image of the bike and reason for returning to

You will then receive a unit number and can proceed to drop off your bike with the box at Oxley Bizhub, near Tai Seng Mrt.

Once the bike is returned, the refund will take 4-7 working days to process. The refund will then be made directly back to your original payment method (usually via debit/credit card)

Do you resell the returned bikes?

Never! We believe that every customer deserves a brand new bike. And we also believe in charity.

Which is why we decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by offering consumers the benefits of a free trial, and donating whatever bikes get returned in the process.